Wednesday, 3 April 2013



 my batchmates are starting to see each other or looking for that ''SOMEONE''......


i always have this thought. weird? yes? miang? yes, sangat~ ok, but i like to observe those couples. seeing them having a chit chat, walking together, going out, eating together, just like other couples did.....


and each time i see them, i always say to myself, ''nauzubillahiminzalik, i don't want to be like that,  i've comitted too much sin to YOU, please protect me from those things, YA ALLAH. '' but, many couples also got married, you know. they found their jodoh in that way. no offense. that's the reality.


i've never been in that kind of relationship, but when my friends did, i've never tell them to clash or whatsoever. i'm just trying to be open-minded and accept the way it is. hearing to their problems, boyfriend's stuff and all that...its kinda observation and funny sometimes.

this is so right

''couple'' is prohibited in islam actually. we all knew. alhamdulillah, hearing to their stories never make me wanna have one. ever.

but i can't help from having a crush too. hahahaha...don't smile,jemahs. i know you have one. its a lie if you don't. new places, new crushes, everyone do that. its a normal feeling. don't get me wrong. it can't be helped. it's just, exist. i always pretend to be cold-hearted if i see my crush. yes, i glare at him. but, that's it! i  always try not to glare at him. seriously. don't laugh jemahs, that's the way i handle my feelings. the result is, i have no progression with my crush. isn't that good?? no, okay, shuh!

yep, cold-hearted enough?

when i walk and see him,  i feel great, i don't deny it, but i also know that setans have done their job at that time. because i will be happy for a very long time (by just seeing him, ridiculous, right?)

so, to my ehem..ehem....just approach my wali if you know what's the best. there're a lot of ways to know me. serious. before nikah....

-don't let me date with you
-don't let me text with you for the whole day
-don't let me eat just with you
-don't walk me home 
-don't make me always thinking about you until i forget HIM
-don't put me in a ''fitnah''

i'm not a good muslimah, neither a good daughter. even ranting about this in my blog make me feel like i'm so miang, tak tahu malu, and etc. ish..ish....but i want to share my thoughts, so, suke hati aku lah~ lalalala~

''YA ALLAH, give me a spouse that suits me, meet us in a good way, let us know each other in a good way, bless us, so that he can show me to YOUR way :) ''

yep, will meet this guy someday

#offtopic 1 : first time ranting in english in my blog...alololololo...pui!! grammar mcm harem -_-
#offtopic 2: bajet tanak jiwang~ lalala